My Vision for
District 44

I have strong roots in my community, and for over 40 years, I have been involved in public service and now I want to work for you.

I stand for strong public schools, restoring public school funding and ensuring equitable funding for all of Michigan’s students. I stand for clean water for both drinking as well as preserving our watersheds for the recreational activities that our region is known for. I stand for great paying jobs. I stand for affordable health care and affordable child care for our young families.

Candidate for Michigan State Representative Denise Forrest
Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured tutoring a student


The students of Michigan are being shortchanged by legislative malpractice in Lansing. I will fight for the restoration of a strong public school system and the proper funding of public education per the guidelines of the School Finance Research Collaborative study. This means funding all of our Michigan schools equitably for all of our students and their variety of needs. It includes shutting down for-profit charter schools who treat our students like a commodity, as well as blocking the DeVos plan of using public school funds for private schools.

Clean Water

In the 44th, we have many parks, lakes, rivers and streams which draw people to our area. Clean water for drinking, recreation, and the surrounding wildlife is critical for overall safety and health of the residents of Michigan. Clean-up, maintenance, and proper use of Michigan water all start with the correct policy in place. A strong plan is needed to combat per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pollution, and my strong leadership is needed in Lansing.

Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured presenting to a community meeting
Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured at a community meeting


The repeal of Michigan’s Prevailing Wages on State Projects Law, Act 166 of 1965 has destabilized the job market. Creating jobs that pay livable wages in the 44th and all of Michigan is critical to securing the future. Additionally, we need to repeat so-called “Right to Work” laws, which are really a way to force our neighbors to work for less, to ensure the economic stability of all Michigan residents.


The current healthcare system is broken, and insurance companies are not helping solve the problem. Michigan needs to provide access to affordable, accessible, and equitable healthcare for all. Additionally, we must pass a family leave policy that is equitable and that doesn’t leave women behind in their careers or the job market. Senior citizens need not be left behind by the current system in place in Lansing.

Supporters of Denise Forrest pictured at a healthcare roundtable