My Vision for
District 44

We need leadership that unites us, not divides us. That’s why I’m running to be your next State Representative, to bring people of different backgrounds and opinions together to make our community better.

I envision a future where all of our children have quality educational opportunities, where our hardworking citizens earn enough at their full-time jobs to raise their families in a healthy and beautiful community with clean water for drinking and recreation.

Candidate for Michigan State Representative Denise Forrest
Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured tutoring a student


All children deserve a quality public education. It’s not only the right thing to do, but is an investment in our state’s civic and economic future. To guarantee a well-rounded education for all Michigan students, I will support the nonpartisan, evidence-based roadmap of the School Finance Research Collaborative to reform school funding. It recommends funding schools in a way that meets the needs of all of our students. I also support shutting down the for-profit charter schools that treat our children like a commodity and blocking the DeVos plan to use public school funds for private and religious schools.

Clean Water

In Michigan Great Lakes and waterways are precious. This is especially true in the 44th District. Our beautiful lakes, the Huron River and parks draw people to our community. I will fight to protect these assets, to keep our drinking water clean and our recreational areas free of PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and other dangerous pollutants. Clean water is not just an issue for our health and leisure; local small businesses and communities all along our shores depend on clean water.

Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured presenting to a community meeting
Candidate for State Representative Denise Forrest pictured at a community meeting


Workers are the lifeblood of our economy and deserve respect, safety and fair compensation. I will support initiatives to help rebuild the middle class by ensuring workers with full-time jobs earn enough to raise their families. I support reinstating Michigan’s Prevailing Wages on State Projects Law, Act 166 of 1965 and repealing the so-called “Right to Work” laws. These actions have destabilized the job market and hurt the middle class by effectively forcing our neighbors to work for less.


Society is built on the health and safety of our families. The current healthcare system is broken, and insurance companies are not helping solve the problem. I will work to make healthcare accessible and affordable to every Michigander so that our children, seniors, and family members with pre-existing conditions are protected. I support paid family leave and sick leave policies to keep families financially secure and healthy during this pandemic and while we rebuild.

Supporters of Denise Forrest pictured at a healthcare roundtable