Below is the list of all campaign events. We’d love to hear your ideas for events where Denise can meet and talk to voters.  

Watch for Denise’s Cheerleaders Pop up Rallies at specific high visibility intersections in District 44 starting soon.  Didn’t you always want to be a cheerleader for the winning team?

High Priority: What’s more fun than phone banking from home? Phone banking from home WITH FRIENDS! Join us for any of our weekday or weekend phone bank sessions in a Zoom chat! Training is provided. Sign up here to join us!

  • 8/4    If you haven’t voted absentee don’t forget to vote Tuesday 8/4!
  • 8/10  Educators Phone Banking. Anyone in the educational field join in 7-9 pm
  • 8/13  Ask the Candidate. Register Here in advance 12-1pm
  • 8/22  Phone Bank Marathon #2, can we beat Marathon #1?Top caller gets a prize!
  • 8/26  Ask the Candidate 7-8 pm Register Here in advance
  • 8/29  Art En Plein Air Fundraiser at Hawley Park, White Lake 6-8pm with Music    by Dusty Rhodes.  Hosted by Laura Dodd and Megan Weeks. Watch for evite.

GREAT NEWS: Campaign BUS Tours will be coming soon to a park near you! Check social media for dates.

Make sure to stay connected with us on social media, we encourage you to like and share via Facebook and instagram @voteforrest44 whenever possible.  Don’t forget to invite your friends too!

My Vision for District 44

  • Education
    • The students of Michigan are being shortchanged by legislative malpractice in Lansing. I will fight for the restoration of a strong public school system and the proper funding of public education per the guidelines of the School Finance Research Collaborative study.

  • Clean Water
    • In the 44th, we have many parks, lakes, rivers and streams which draw people to our area. Clean water for drinking, recreation, and the surrounding wildlife is critical for overall safety and health of the residents of Michigan.

  • Economics
    • The repeal of Michigan’s Prevailing Wages on State Projects Law, Act 166 of 1965 has destabilized the job market. Creating jobs that pay livable wages in the 44th and all of Michigan is critical to securing the future.

  • Healthcare
    • The current healthcare system is broken, and insurance companies are not helping solve the problem. Michigan needs to provide access to affordable, accessible, and equitable healthcare for all.