Proven Leader for Michigan’s
44th House District

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Meet Denise

As a mom, teacher, and public leader, Denise has committed her life to serving the community. Learn more about the lifelong Michigan native and the work she has done to create a 44th for the people.

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My Vision for District 44

  • Education
    • All children deserve a quality public education. It’s not only the right thing to do, but is an investment in our state’s civic and economic future. To guarantee a well-rounded education for all Michigan students, I will support the nonpartisan, evidence-based roadmap of the School Finance Research Collaborative to reform school funding.

  • Clean Water
    • In Michigan Great Lakes and waterways are precious. This is especially true in the 44th District. Our beautiful lakes, the Huron River and parks draw people to our community.

  • Economics
    • Workers are the lifeblood of our economy and deserve respect, safety and fair compensation. I will support initiatives to help rebuild the middle class by ensuring workers with full-time jobs earn enough to raise their families.

  • Families
    • Society is built on the health and safety of our families. The current healthcare system is broken, and insurance companies are not helping solve the problem. I will work to make healthcare accessible and affordable to every Michigander so that our children, seniors, and family members with pre-existing conditions are protected.